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Amerikansk webinar om Ultrasound Biofeedback

Amerikanske afholder et webinar (online web seminar) d. 21. Januar 2014 om brug af ultralyd til at visualisere tungens bevægelser i forbindelse med tale.

Her følger den engelske beskrivelse af webinaret:

Real-time ultrasound imaging of the tongue has recently been used as a biofeedback tool for treating persisting speech sound disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech.

With ultrasound, clients (and clinicians) can see their tongue position and shape and can be cued to modify tongue movements in real-time with this visual information. Although not every SLP will have access to this technology, clinicians should be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach as well as the research supporting the efficacy of ultrasound biofeedback.

The seminar will provide an overview with video examples of how the technology can be used to assess tongue movements and remediate speech errors in school-age children with CAS.


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